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With my experience personally selling over $5 million in real estate my first 2 years, in addition to staging for private home sellers and other great Realtors, I utilize home styling, and Proven Successful Marketing Strategies to get the BEST POSSIBLE RESULTS IN HOME SALES.

Jan. 17, 2020

What is your Staging Product?

January, 2020: It is important to remember the product you are selling when you design a stage. If you are selling a rug, you want it to be front and center in your photos. If you are selling a cookie, be sure it is photographed hot and steamy from the oven and ready to be eaten in your picture. So, if you are selling a home, be sure to highlight the home, not its belongings, in your marketing. A professional home stager is trained in this and will be your best ally (next to your Realtor) for staging the property to its highest potential, starting with curb appeal and working inward. Eliminating Buyer confusion is money in your bank! #capecoral, #fortmyers, #swfl, #florida, #leecounty, #realestate, #paradise, #capecoralrealtor. -Published by Susan Hendrickson, Royal Shell Real Estate, The  Koffman Group

May 29, 2019

We're at it in Jamaica Bay again!

Jamaica Bay in Fort Myers, Florida, offers brand new modular homes at the right price in a great location near Lakes Park and US 41 with many shops and restaurants.

Staging in this Fort Myers home community helps keep these homes selling off the market and building a great 55+ community. 

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May 8, 2019

Timeless Stage in Majestic Palms

Selling a home staged with designer furniture can help paint the perfect picture for buyers. When a home is empty, often times, buyers are left confused as to which rooms can be what and/or how to style.

This stage is for a model home in Majestic Palms in Fort Myers, Florida. It helps offer a bright spacious feel rather than an empty, cold space.

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May 1, 2019

Old Florida Styled Home in Caloosa Creek

Old Florida styled home in Caloosa Creek is staged to perfection, making this home more attractive to prospective buyers. You can play a game of billiards or walk the neighborhood on their beautiful sidewalks. This stage in Fort Myers, Florida, captures the ‘Florida feel’ at its finest.

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Jan. 31, 2019

So much fun in Jamaica Bay!

Jamaica Bay in Fort Myers, Florida, offers brand new modular homes at the right price in a great location near Lakes Park and US 41 with many shops and restaurants.

Staging in this Fort Myers home community helps keep these homes selling off the market and building a great 55+ community.

Visit to view more photos or to contact us for a free estimate. We look forward to being a part of your home sale or purchase in Southwest Florida!

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Jan. 2, 2019

Blue Waters Condo Stage in Cape Coral, FL

Staging this condo in Blue Waters was so fun! We added some spunk and style to this home in a lovely community in Cape Coral off Burnt Store Road. Blue Waters offers Gulf access and amenities like pool and clubhouse. The condo speaks to buyers who are ready to buy a piece of paradise…in paradise.

Visit to view more photos or to contact us for a free estimate. We look forward to being a part of your home sale or purchase in Southwest Florida.

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Aug. 26, 2018

Painting a blank canvas...


When I was in art school, they always told me to "Paint outside the box!"  The challenge in home design/staging is to "paint" inside the box with 3-D media.  

It is important to listen to the nuances of the home I am staging.  Does this home say "Relax!" or does it say "Celebrate!"? 

I am often asked to give an estimate of what it would cost to stage a certain size home but I have to explain that I am not a cookie cutter stager.  Each home has its own story to tell and my job is to determine what that story is and tell it to the best of my design ability.  This is always a challenge.  The cost to stage each home is thus according to the extent of effort and inventory required. 

The most important thing to remember is that a blank room does not tell ANY story.  Most buyers do not have the ability to define a space and see themselves in it - especially after seeing home after home in a day of home shopping.

What you want is YOUR home to be is the ONE HOME that the buyers could not forget - in a GOOD way.

You want YOUR home to be the one they say they want to go back and see.  If they get that "Ahhhh!" sensation when they walk through the door, I have done my job well. 

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Aug. 11, 2018

Home is Where the Heart Is...


Life can take some funny turns - It is easy to get lulled by the everyday "normal" business.  But when a crisis occurs or change bursts on the scene, it causes me to wake up and remember what REALLY matters.  FAMILY 👪 FAITH 🙏 FRIENDS 🙋

When I arise in the morning, the first item on my agenda is to read my Bible, do a daily devo of some sort, eat breakfast and get dressed (not necessarily in that order).  This is mandatory and I can always tell if I have not done that first because the rest of my day is haphazard and lacks energy.  This time is so special to me and has given me the ability to keep "the agenda" in focus.  🌸

My philosophy has always been that the HOME is best when it is a REFUGE.  I think organization, function and pleasing aesthetics all play their part in setting the stage for a PEACEFUL RESPITE.  Life is not easy.  Each day is a challenge.  I am thankful that our home has been a place of rejuvenation for myself, my children, my husband, visiting guests, neighbors and friends.  After all, these are the things that REALLY matter.  💛

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Aug. 3, 2018

Should I Stage My Home?


Perhaps the better questions to ask might be, "How much time do you want to wait before your property sells?" and "How much do you want it to sell for?"

It is well known in the home staging industry that a professionally styled home will usually sell more rapidly and at a higher selling price than an unstaged (occupied) home or even one that is vacant and empty though very clean.  But WHY?




Home Staging is, in effect, a process of "clearing the slate" so that a home Buyer is able to see the home as a separate entity from the home Seller.  A home Buyer wants to be able to envision that home as Their Perfect Home and this is often not possible when it is "full to the brim" of the home Seller's tastes and preferences.  In a vacant property, the empty home is devoid of creativity, function and definition; many home Buyers cannot visualize the potential that lies within.  Sure, we all know the function of a kitchen and bathroom, but what about that awkwardly-shaped living room? - or is it a dining room? - perhaps even a cocktail salon?  And, really, what would one do with THAT MANY bedrooms?

A professional stager will "set the scene" for a home Buyer to picture themselves sitting on the couch enjoying a cool drink in the living room, watching a good movie or reading a favorite book in the den, working on family business in the office, and even basking in their own personal spa in the bathroom.  The purpose is to create a GREAT first impression that is welcoming and draws the Home Buyer into the home for sale then leads them into each additional space presenting new and beautiful vistas of opportunity that would be possible with This Property.  

In my experience, I have seen amazing transformations that have surprised even myself after a day of staging.  The possibilities are endless and the rewards are many.  Cost is dependent on each unique job as relates to number of rooms staged, size of the home, and vacant/occupied status, among other things.  A professional stager should give the client an up-front estimate according to the criteria determined for the home.  Again, as a result of staging, most homes sell quicker and at a higher price than would have been attained otherwise; so, the cost of staging is outweighed by the benefits, making it a very viable option.



My advice?  Ask the right questions, weigh all the pros and cons and call Susan at Susan Staging Sunshine (239-887-1935) to give you good counsel when making the decision to stage or not to stage the next time you need to sell your property.

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